Vinyl Siding

Among all the siding products available to homeowners, none compares with vinyl siding for its lightweight yet durable, maintenance-free features. Vinyl won't rot, chip, flake or blister the way wood siding can and often does.


Vinyl Siding

Siding is your home's skin. It provides support for your home's frame, protects it from weather elements and is a factor in your home's appearance. Siding can be part of building your new home. It can also be an option for those looking to improve an older home. Siding is a quick way to dramatically update the look of your home. We have over 25 years of experience in siding installation and design. Speak with Flowrite about selecting the right material and look for your home today!

We provide resides (installed over the existing siding), removals and new constructions installations. To coincide with this are many vinyl accessories including special corners and lineal trim.

We also install all types of maintenance free trim, including vinyl and aluminum soffit, aluminum fascia, rakes, window, door and garage door trim. We create finished wood trim, such as cornerpost and window trim. We also build custom arches, bay and box windows, and molded millwork. Decorative columns, shutters and garage doors. Put our experience to work for you, contact us to discuss your project.

Benefits Of Vinyl Siding

  • Gives your home a consistent, attractive appearance
  • Improves insulation for warmer winters and cooler summers inside your home
  • Offers outstanding resistance to harsh weather with virtually no deterioation
  • Protects your home from moisture, excessive heat and cold, sunlight and acid rain
  • Cleans easily with water and soap

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